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Machine Learning And Cancer

If you were to perform a daily web search for “Machine Learning and Cancer”, you may find more companies each day that are using Supervised Machine Learning to perform Predictive Analytics on cancer data sets.  There is Tempus, here in Chicago, IL, Berghealth in Framingham, MA, and FlatIron Health  in New York, NY, as examples. …

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HealthCare.AI Applied To Cancer

On November 28, 2017, Dan Wellisch led a second revision of his October 2017 discussion.  In this discussion, the Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic) Data Set was used.   Dan also revised his slides to show the overall Machine Learning process along with graphs that can help one determine which Machine Learning model performs best on the…

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An Exercise In Gathering Healthcare Intelligence From An All Payer/All Claims Data Set

I have written an article with Mike Ghen ( on data analysis of healthcare data.  We used IBM Watson Analytics, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and some Linux editing tools to product a nice summary table of findings.  The article is found here.: An Exercise In Gathering HealthCare Intelligence Using Azure SQL Database, Linux Editing Commands,…

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Data Warehouse 201

So, continuing on from the previous article, Data Warehouse 101, I would like to delve a little bit deeper.  First, I would like to backtrack on how I defined a data warehouse in the Data Warehouse 101 article.  I defined a data warehouse as follows.: a large set of databases where data from disparate systems…

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Data Warehouse 101

What is a data warehouse? I like to answer this question by defining a warehouse first.  What is a warehouse? Here is the definition provided by Google: a large building where raw materials or manufactured goods may be stored before their export or distribution for sale So, where do these raw materials or manufactured goods…

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Machine Learning Mechanics

This blog is dedicated to sharing my experiences in the field of Machine Learning (ML), and how it works. Many of the articles discuss applying ML to healthcare IT and “value-based” healthcare.  Healthcare has been my industry domain for the past 7 years.

Value-Based Care And Bundled Payments

As I am currently employed by PinpointCare (, I would like to explain why we are in business.  To do that, I must define the Bundled Payment.  The Center For Medicare And Medicaid Services  or CMS ( formerly called the Health Care Financing Administration) is working towards enabling a “Value-Based” care environment.   A Bundled Payment…

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